Some introductions are in order

I’ve always thought that you can learn a lot about somebody from what they’re willing to recommend. What content we consume is one matter, but making a recommendation carries a reputational risk. So what better way to kick this site off than a few solid recommendations?


I cannot possibly recommend The Kingkiller Chronicle highly enough. Patrick Rothfuss is a true master of prose, and he spins a story as beautiful and intricate as any I’ve ever heard. Caveat emptor: only the first two books of the trilogy have been released so far, and the wait for Doors of Stone is killing me.


Henry Kissinger’s On China is a fascinating study of the Chinese political system. Published in 2011, it covers virtually the entire history of the Chinese state. I found it particularly topical given the current state of US-China relations, and certain American political leaders would do well to review the “5 baits” China uses to manage unruly barbarians.


I have to throw in a plug for, a podcast hosted by my friend and colleague at PSL, Ben Gilbert. He and his co-host David Rosenthal (founding partner at Wave Capital) dive into technology acquisitions and IPOs to understand the factors that contributed to their success (or failure). If you’re at all interested in tech startups or venture capital, this is definitely a must-listen.

Written on January 10, 2018